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Useful Tips to Choosing the Right Export-Import Practical Course

Nowadays, everyone (with bookish knowledge) is offering export-import training course. People, especially the newbie, get confused. Where to go? Here I am presenting some important topics. I believe these topics will help people to select right and practical export-import training program.

You may be a graduate, seeking job opportunities in International Business. You may be a professional, looking for a career change or you may an entrepreneur, looking for international markets and profitable products to earn more money.

In a highly competitive business world, nowadays there is requirement that a person should not only academic qualified but he/ she must have practical knowledge of Export & Import Business, if they want to become successful in this business management.

Why is there a need of Practical Knowledge about Export & Import Business Management?​

Here, I am asking some questions (see below). If, one can give appropriate answer of all questions then, go ahead and start your journey in International Business, otherwise you need to have a step-by-step Practical Training in this field.

Question 1.

How to choose profitable product(s) for export & import?

Question 2.

How to select target market to where you will export or import from?

Question 3.

How to find real buyers and genuine suppliers?

Question 4.

How to make price competitive?

Question 5.

What are the best practices for international documentations?

Question 6.

How to secure export payment?

Question 7.

What are effective but cost-effective mode of transports for export or import?

Question 8.

What are the international compliance?

All the above 08 are common questions which stop you starting your golden journey in export & import (if do not have answer).

I receive many questions. Just have a look below on some screenshots. Respecting the person’s privacy, contact details have been blurred

Email received from a job seeker.

Email received from an entrepreneur.

Email received from a working professional.

My best wishes, if you don’t have the same questions.

But if you are, then you are not alone and you need to take 100% export-import practical training.​

Now, the big deal is to search the perfect export import training, and to determine whether it is really going to help you or not.

Nowadays, everyone (with bookish knowledge) is offering export-import training course. They offer online and offline training programs.

People, especially the newbie, get confused. Where to go?

I am an active entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in export-import business, knowing all ins and outs of this business. I am here to guide you what course really matters you.

Keep reading…

I am presenting very important topics, which you need to know before opting any export-import training course.

1) Training course should design and develop by professionals who are having practical knowledge of export-import business.

Practical experiences are the most valuable earnings and very few people generally agree to share those in public! Practical experienced persons are rare, who know very well that what, when and how to become master in export-import business management.

Such persons have learned export-import through trials and errors so they are self-made entrepreneur and know much more than thousands of books and manuals. They may save your lot of time which you will spend during the trials and errors.

Why is it like this?

As per my view, if you practice and willing to take real and practical actions, then you will naturally learn the principles and you will also start to look connections deeply.

If you are talking about me, I must accept that after gaining practical experience I have gone further in my profession than the theory what I learned in many academies.

Think, what you received after studying in business university. I am sure you received more lectures and less practices.

But why? One big reason was, they did not have practical knowledge of those subjects and hence they have not delivered to you too.

So, if you want to choose export-import business management course, please choose the practical training course made by real and practical people.

Secret of our training program - Our export-import business management training programs and resources are made by practically educated and real people.

Tips: Always choose best export-import training program that is developed and designed by real, experienced and professionally trained people. At least they include training material based on real export-import business management experience.

2) Practical Export-Import Training program must include the following important Topics.

The common export-import training program includes all topics, but in generic and academic ways that is essential for any export-import training program. But, what about if they forgot to add Important Topics!

If so, then such training program is far away from its objective.

If you are looking only for traditional courses; like export-import documentation, foreign trade policy, market finance (these are also relevant) then you are missing something more important.

You must have a close look on the following Important Topics (actually questions) to get success in export-import business management. These are:

  • What product should you select for export-import? I mean to say that:

  1. Do you know the characteristics of product sought to be exported or imported?

  2. Do you know about trade restrictions on such product?

  3. Do you know the supply base of such product?

  4. Do you know that how this product can give maximum benefit to your organisation?

  • How to find a target market to which you may export or import from? I mean to say that:

  1. Knowing the trends & approaches.

  2. Knowing the strategies that will actually work for you.

  3. Segmentation and SWOT analysis.

  • How to find real buyers and genuine suppliers?

  1. The most difficult task to start an international business, do you know how to find?

  2. There are numerous deciding factors to choose a genuine supplier, do you know these?

  • How to secure your payment against export made or paid in advance to supplier?

  1. Do you aware about international instruments that secure your payments?

  2. Do you know about precautionary measures that secure your payments?

  • What are the factors and export assistance available in your country?

  1. Do you know the pricing pattern of export or import product?

  2. Do you know how to make price competitive for an export-import product?

  • What are the precautionary measures that save your transaction costs?

  • How do manage inventory, not only yours but for your customers too?

  • Developing the world class MIS systems that will provide you real picture of export-import transactions?

  • How to do effective compliance management?

  • How to protect yourself from international fraud?

If you go above and see my communication e-mails, you will find almost similar questions have been asked by the persons. And if you do not have answer of all these Important Topics (actually questions), then you need to have Practical Training for Export-Import Business Management.

I receive such Questions regularly from individuals, working professionals and established business entities.

That’s why our Practical Export-Import Training Program exist, helping people to resolve all these Problems.

Tips: Before choosing any export-import training program must ensure that training program consists the answer of all above mentioned Questions (Important Topics).

3) Does Certification really matter?

In my view, it matters and useful when you want to start your journey in a company. Hiring manager may ask, to show you the formal certification, that proves you have enrolled and completed such training program.

But in some cases, if you want to start your own export-import business, then such certificate hardly matters. None of your business partner will ask, do you own such certificate or not. Even your customer wants to know about product quality and price rather than about your course certification.

Do not worry! Institute of Export and Import Management (IEIM) is always with your success and provides Certificate for Practical Export-Import Training.

Tips: If you want to get real and great Export-Import Training then, first focus on Practical Training Program that developed and designed by experienced industries experts and then pay attention for Certification.

Advantages of IEIM Practical Training Program

  • It is developed and designed by real experienced and practical people.

  • IEIM provides convenient study, you will get class notes for each session and for lifetime. You may learn it from anywhere when you have time.

  • Once enrolled, IEIM provides lifetime access of its training program at NIL COST.

  • IEIM practical training program is premium but it is affordable too.

  • IEIM provides unique knowledge what you cannot get easily.

  • Post training program, IEIM provides maximum support, you may always ask questions and you will surely get answer.

Disadvantages of IEIM Practical Training Program

  • It makes you more efficient than your co-workers or competitors.

  • IEIM will not leave you, until you get satisfied.

  • Post training, IEIM welcomes you in any running class so that you may update your knowledge.

  • By default you will get always 10% discount in any program of EXIM Clinic™.

I hope this article will be very helpful to you to decide a best export-import training program.

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