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Advice from an International Trade Management consultant

India is all set for exporting the goods and services with dedicated Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020. Exporting is a national strategic issue as it impacts the balance of trade. Exporting reduces the Trade Deficit, creates employment opportunities, and strengthens communities across the Nation.

The question is why Export/Import Consultancy is required?

Well we have in contact with several companies which are exporting goods and service or both. We asked the same question that why do you need a Export Consultant in your panel! The answers are...

  • because they want to be more competitive in international market by integration of several works which are being managed separately and by different agencies. The lack of coordination between these agencies ultimately affecting customer needs and increasing the risk of loss of potential business opportunity.

  • because they want to be more compliant. International Business attracts involvement of several Government Dept. and all having separate Guidelines, set of Rules and Regulations which demand more vigilant while executing overseas transactions.

  • because their available resources are generally busy in execution of overseas transactions hence they need to sharpen their axes.

  • because Foreign Trade Policy is more dynamic and having synchronization with other Government institutions when they want to get live updates and real time implementation of such changes in trade.

How an Export/Import Consultancy help you in your business?

  • EXIM Clinic will guide you how to navigate through the various Government agencies and learn hidden trade practices that can weaker your international business.

  • EXIM Clinic will help you to manage complicated Rules, Regulations, Laws like GST, that you just focus on your business.

  • EXIM Clinic will help you to manage complex international logistics and involved documentation for ease your doing business.

  • EXIM Clinic will train you how to capitalize the excellent government resources.

  • EXIM Clinic will help you to get availability of your all licensing needs like MEIS, Advance License, EPCG License, Duty Drawback, etc.

Qualified, professional, highly trained & cost-effective Export/Import Consultants are in high demand in India.

At EXIM Clinic, our mission has always been the same: Founded in 2011, we care our clients needs and our clients trust us to offer best International Business Consulting in India. EXIM Clinic has always a great deal to offer you. EXIM Clinic goes the extra mile. We know that all of our clients have unique needs and EXIM Clinic provides Great Services at Lower Cost to them.

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