• How to get more knowledge to start an export-import business or job?

  • How to find winning products, target markets & foreign customers?

  • How to send an offer that can turn into a business?


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There is no need for your physical presence in the classroom. Learn everything as per your convenience. No matter where you are, you can join the class at home or office. 

An expert will be there, live online, to train you everything of international business. You may ask many questions and clear your doubts. This expert will show you the answers to each exercise and practice set. 

Save Time, Save Money

After completing your daily work, join the class at a convenient time. Increase your productivity. Save the cost of wasted time for the traditional training method. Eliminate long traveling time and expenses.  No commitment for the full session. You may join each class as per your needs.

Control Your Missed Sessions

What if you are at a family function or on a business trip. You will miss the class. Don’t worry if you missed a session or a lot of sessions.  We will give you full control to rewind the sessions through recorded videos. Now you will have full control of your learnings. 

Pay Less, Get More

If you have an option to get more knowledge and professional learning in pocket-friendly fees, then why paying more for expensive classes where you need to travel long distances and spend your whole day.

Join our program, pay per class best suits your needs and save the cost of wasted time for the traditional training method. Eliminate long traveling time and expenses. 


  • An international business specialist will be available to you live and discuss with you in real-time.

  • You will connect with this expert through mobile / tablet / PC / Laptop over the internet.

  • You can join this program from home or office through an App or web browser. 

  • You will ask the question and get the answer in real-time. The expert will also show the answer with an explanation of the last exercises and assessments during the ongoing session.


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  • First Class Free. No upfront payment.

  • Pay Per Class Fee: Rs. 800/- 

  • Fee for 20 Classes: Rs. 5,499/-

  • Effective Fee per Class: Rs. 275/-

  • Saving: Rs. 10,500/-

  • Mode of Payment: Online

  • Number of Payment: Single

  • No extra tax will be charged.


  • Weekend Classes: Saturday & Sunday 

  • Class Timing: 7 pm to 9 pm

  • Total Classes: 20

  • Total Weeks: 10

  • Each Class Duration: 2 hours


You will get 10 weeks' live training over the internet from an International Business Expert on 50+ topics/chapters. You will learn everything about how to get sure success in export-import business and become the best performer in your job​

This is not an e-book. This is a Complete Guide to all your questions related to how to start an export business and how to manage it. This e-book helps you to build 2 weeks of professional strategies to start your export business with minimum available resources. 

Every week you will get practice and exercise sets. These will help you strengthen the export-import knowledge. You will able to handle tough situations during the job and business operations. Overall such practices and exercises will help you to get a deep knowledge of International Business. 

This course will make you a Master of International Business when you implement what you learn! EXIM Clinic™ provides you with a Certificate signed by Nand J Singh. 

Post-course you will get the access to watch the recorded session videos any time till the next 3 months. 

Participants in this online course can able to buy two books that were written by Nand J Singh at a special price (up to 25% discount). 

Post-course you will get 14 days free support to solve your general queries*. Our expert will solve your queries over the phone or through email service.


(Pay When You Satisfy after Getting First Free Class)


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Recession Free Business & Job

Start your own export-import business just in 2 weeks. Get a good paid Job. Know the best methods, step-by-step, with a proven formula on how to give a kickstart. 

Big Markets

Build your global footprint and reach to the big markets.

Secure the Payment

Learn the best and unbeatable ways to secure export payments. Make your export business stress & risk-free.

Cost Optimization

Make money at every stage, negotiate better and beat the competitors.

Profitable Product

Thousands of products are available to sell worldwide. Choose the most profitable product and become a market leader.

Competitive Price Always

Offer a competitive price to your buyer and beat the competitors.

Secure the Supplies

Fearless overseas buying. Learn the ways by which the supplier cannot refuse the supply against the advance payment.

Great Business Ideas

Know what else you can do in the export-import business.

A Commitment from

Nand J Singh

Post-workshop, EXIM Clinic will provide Export Starter Kit worth Rs. 15,000/- and 14 working days free support* at Zero Cost.

After successful registration, EXIM Clinic will send you the participation details on your registered email ID.


Nand J Singh

|| FIEO Speaker ||

- International Business Coach -

- CII Certified SCM Professional -

- 20 Years of Industry's Experience -

It's Nand's personal mission to provide tools and strategies that everyone starts to export from India and earn more profits, foreign currencies and export incentives. 

Nand has worked with an extensive range of companies dealing in electricals & electronics, engineering goods, textile items, plastic products, chemicals, agro products, laminates, automobiles, oil exploration tools and machines, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

He considers all companies intrinsically the same and transformed their way of doing international business as per their business needs.


Q.1) Who can join this export-import training program? 
Ans. The following person can join this training course:

  • Students committed to becoming certified Export & Import Professionals.

  • Job Seekers who want to be distinct in the crowd.

  • Working Professionals who want a great career.

  • Customs House Agent or Shipping people who want to know something more than they know.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to make a footprint on the globe. 

Q.2) Will this export-import training course be helpful in jobs and business? 
Ans. A lot of MNCs are coming into India. Domestic units are also under pressure to produce quality goods and services so that they can make their global footprint. They are hiring persons who know export-import business management. Current foreign trade policy supports entrepreneurs to make enable them to start an export-import business. In the light of above facts, this course is very helpful for Jobs and Business. 
Q.3) What is the fee of this course? 
Ans. This is not an ordinary course but it is a premium course designed by industry experts and professionals. Currently, EXIM Clinic (Export Import Clinic) offers this premium course on an Inaugural fee Rs. 5,499 inclusive of tax for 10 weeks program. The participant will learn more than 50 chapters/ topics of international business. Fee payment can be done online. We are offering first class (session) free. No upfront payment and no commitment to join total 20 classes. When you satisfy after getting first class free, you may join each class as per your convenient by paying per class fee.  However, you can save Rs. 10,500/- if you join the total 20 classes.


Q.4) Can the persons, residing in several cities, join this course? 
Ans. Yes. This is a live training course where an experienced industry expert will available to train the people. Any person in the world can join this export-import training course. 
Q.5) What are the basic requirements to join this course? 
Ans. The person who wants to join this course must have any one of the following devices that is connected with 3G/ 4G / WiFi: Smartphone/ Tablet / Laptop/ Personal Computer. 
Q.6) What is the language of this course? 
Ans. The course content is in the English language. However, the trainer will deliver this course in English and Hindi language. The query, on-demand, can also be resolved in the Hindi language. 


Undoubtedly, the industry's professionals regularly face some practical issues while handling the operations of foreign trade. These could be the followings:  

  1. Providing an accurate ETD/ ETA to foreign customers.

  2. Wandering to know the destination clearance procedures if a customer demands door delivery.

  3. Seeking expert advice when a foreign customer refuses to accept the consignment at the destination.

  4. Poke around for an expert if DGFT refuses to sanction export incentives, and customs hold the shipment.

  5. Taking consultation from whom never handled the relevant process and procedures when products are about to send abroad for exhibitions, displays or trade fairs.

  6. Trying to know the facts and relevant laws that how to do exports through the third party to settle the export obligation.

  7. Overstock, and then struggling to find out a suitable and easy tool which helps to reduce/optimize extra inventory load.

  8. Struggling to handle various Foreign Exchange Management issues.

  9. And so many practical problems... 

We are Export-Import Expert and understand your problem statements better than anyone. We offer a professional and industry best export-import classes especially for you.