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Every Time Error Free Documentation

(DGFT, Customs, RBI, & Logistics Issues Solved)

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How to respond to customers, if they demand to match a shipment date (ETD/ETA).


Knowing the clearance & logistics procedures of consignee's country.


What if a consignee/ buyer refuses to accept the shipment at destination?


What if a buyer does not pay the full value of export?


Documentation if exporting/ importing to/ from a related party?


Necessary actions, if a new product is being exported from a new place and from the new port of export?


How to plan & get hassle-free export incentives & other licenses from DGFT?


How to secure the supply of qualitative goods, if overseas supplier demands advance payment?


Procedures to export directly from the sourcing country?


Does the commission, given on export, affect the export incentive amount?


How to reduce the import duty without any governmental obligation?


How to optimize inventory and loads to save operational costs?


What to do if customs hold the shipment for clearance?


How to handle questions raised in terms of the classification of goods?


How to send/ bring the goods for exhibitions, displays and trade fairs?


How to reduce invoice value after the export bill has been negotiated?


Are you calculating correct FOB? If your answer is yes, check twice the calculation.


How exports made through a third party (export order holder) can be counted towards the discharge of export obligation?


How can a letter of credit become a dangerous tool for the buyer?


What are the costs divided between the seller and a buyer under INCOTERMs?

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01 Day Specialised Practical Training

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Date: 18th October 2019

Time: 10 am to 6 pm


New Delhi (Address will be sent on your registered Email ID)

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(This is not a Seminar, this is Practical Training)

(18th Oct'19)

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Rs. 8,500/- 

Standard Fee Rs. 20,000/-

What You Will Learn in this Practical Training

(You will become expert in EXIM operations)

Creating perfect pre & post export & import control sheets for error-free export-import operations.  
Understanding each head of Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading and Letter of Credit.
Letter of Credit - in-depth understanding and analysis with case studies. Preparing application.
Learn how a bank identifies the mistakes in your LC documents, and how to avoid these mistakes.
INCOTERMs - in-depth analysis of role and responsibilities of seller and buyer with various exercises.
Setting competitive Product Price. Practice with examples.
How to calculate the total lead time before ensuring ETD to the prospective buyer?
How to save import duty without owing governmental obligation?
Understanding of Foreign Trade Policy, Procedures, Licensing. Handling Customs & RBI Issues.
How to protect export payment after releasing the shipments (with or without letter of credit).
How to ensure a 100% supply in import, if amount paid in advance.
Inventory Management - Learn the best method (automotive examples) how to optimize the inventory.
International level logistics & Instruction Sheets for supplier's guidance. It helps a lot. 
How to reduce huge costs in the export-import operations.
How to get an export incentive & correctly? And handling various issues of Customs, RBI & DGFT ?
Compliance management - Learn a never-fail method to manage them.



Persons who want to control the commercial transactions of export-import business, and also want to increase business profitability.  


Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, F & A Managers, Customs Broker, Logistics and Documentation Manager, Business Advisor & Market Analysists. 


Any individual who wants to become an expert of export-import documentation, and also wants to work as a freelancer advisor.


Nand J Singh

|| FIEO Speaker ||

- International Business Coach -

- CII Certified SCM Professional -

- 20 Years of Industry's Experience -

It's Nand's personal mission to provide tools and strategies that everyone starts to export from India and earn more profits, foreign currencies and export incentives. 

Nand has worked with an extensive range of companies dealing in electricals & electronics, engineering goods, textile items, plastic products, chemicals, agro products, laminates, automobiles, oil exploration tools and machines, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and many more. He is an expert of FTP, FEMA, Customs & EXIM Operations.

He considers all companies intrinsically the same and transformed their way of doing international business as per their business needs.

What People Say About Nand

& this Program

Mr. Deshraj

(Wellcare Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd.)

Attended a workshop on "Advance Export-Import Documentation". It was simply awesome. I am amused! What a fantastic and practical workshop Mr. Nand delivered. The session was exceptional. Mr. Nand Singh made me efficient as per industry demand. I got all the tools to deal with the buyers & vendors.

Mr. Sanjeev

(Footwear Export Company)

If you are reading my comments and you feel that you can use Nand's workshop to scale up your career - drop everything and get in touch with Nand from Export Import Clinic (A Trademark Company). You can expect the insights that can CHANGE the way you are doing the Export-Import Documentation. This is not a course, Nand teaches the strategies that give you techniques and skills to outwit your competition and come out on top.

Mr. S K Amogh

(Hi-tech Engineering)

I really amused to join Nand's workshop on a specialized but hot subject of export-import. As they claimed, this was not a seminar, this was really an interactive workshop. 

During the session, I have participated in so many case studies and exercises, and now I feel that what I really missed in the past.

I recommend everyone to join his workshop. You will not regret your decision.

Watch out for his next workshop. Not to be missed, it will be a game-changer.

Mr. Mohit

(Entrepreneur, Indonesia)

I am settled in Indonesia and wanted to understand Import Export in India and I am very happy that I found IEIM and Mr. Nand J Singh. One of the best faculty members I have come across in my life and one of the best learning experience.

Standard Fee: Rs. 20,000/-

Special offer 

Till 15th Sep'19   : Rs. 8,500/-

Date: 18th Oct 2019

10 am to 6 pm


Nand J Singh

(CII Certified SCM Pro)